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Want to know Kalumi’s preferred sweetener?  If you have tried one of our bars, you have probably enjoyed the subtle sweetness of yacon syrup without even knowing it!  Derived from a root vegetable, yacon syrup is actually good for your digestive system and allows you to enjoy something sweet, without compromising those bikini bod goals.  In fact, it can actually assist with weight loss.  Read on.

Yacon’s roots

Yacon is native to Peru and has been consumed by Peruvians for a long time. It is a root vegetable and is similar to a sweet potato or yam. The roots are juiced and slowly cooked on a low heat to reach a thick and syrup-like consistency.  

Keep your insides healthy

Yacon syrup is beneficial to gut health due to its FOS (fructooligosaccharides) fiber content. This type of fiber reaches the lower part of our intestines where it stays and ferments in the lower intestines, promoting the growth of good bacteria and a healthier microbiome. This aids in digestion and can also relieve constipation. FOS can also be found in vegetables like asparagus, garlic, onion and chicory root.

Bikini ready, baby

Not only does the consumption of yacon syrup lead to a healthier gut, but according to a study on over 55 women published by Clinical Nutrition, it has also proved to be successful in the promotion of weight loss. The study monitored the women over a 120 day period and it was found that there was a significant reduction in overall body weight and waist size in the women who consumed yacon syrup compared to the women who were taking a placebo for the same period. 

Further, the study also reflected an increase in regularity, therefore indicating that it can relieve issues such as constipation. We all know a happy tummy is obvious not only from the way it makes us feel, but can be from the outside too. #HELLOFLATSTOMACH 

Kalumi trials

We’ve done our own experimenting with yacon syrup and have tested its effects by consuming our bars right before modeling shoots as well as while traveling and we totally approve! There is nothing worse than grabbing a bar you think is healthy but soon feeling bloated or just generally gross due to a high sugar content (from dates, other fruits or sugar itself), or even disguised sugar replacements such as sugar alcohols. YUCK!  Kalumi bars will leave you feeling satisfied, healthy and looking good.

Smooth sailing for skin and sugar levels

Sugar not only feeds bad bacteria, but can also make the body more acidic which can increase and/or cause acne and other skin issues. Yacon syrup has an extremely low GI (as low a GI of 1!) which means it will not cause spikes in blood sugar that can cause hormonal imbalances and the production of sebum known to cause acne. In summary, yacon syrup is the sweetener that won’t cause clogged pores, blackheads, whiteheads, cystic bumps or other annoying skin issues!

Another problem with consuming high levels of sugar, such as those found in many snack bars, is that it can be dangerous for people with diabetes. Yacon syrup is a much safer source of sweetness for diabetics. The low GI content of yacon syrup is ideal for those with high blood sugar, as it doesn’t cause spikes in blood sugar levels.

So how much yacon syrup should one have?

Kalumi BEAUTYfood bars each contain 1.5 tsp of yacon. It is not recommended to consume more than five teaspoons per day and it is also encouraged to consume no more than 2 tsp per day initially in order to let your body adjust before consuming more. Kalumi bars are therefore the perfect way to introduce yacon syrup into your diet.  We recommend to initially consume one Kalumi BEAUTYfood bar per day, as it is easy to monitor consumption, rather than attempting to keep track of adding yacon syrup to tea or oatmeal. It is important to strike a balance with consuming the correct amount per day in order to achieve results but to also avoid shocking your body with a new ingredient that it is not used to. Once your body has adjusted to yacon syrup, feel free to consume up to 5 tsp. per day (2-3 bars a day). 

Our yacon syrup source

We source our yacon syrup from a family-owned farm in Peru. We spent months taste-testing a variety of yacon syrups and we chose to spend more money on the highest quality option possible, which comes STRAIGHT from the source. Not only are we focused on a more sustainable, better tasting and a fair trade source, BUT we are proud to support a business that is focused on providing the best yacon syrup native to their land.

Incorporating yacon syrup into your day

As mentioned above, we recommend being careful when using Yacon syrup in your own recipes! Not only in terms of the amount, but also in terms of cooking temperature.  It should not exceed temperatures of 120 degrees celsius (or 266 degrees fahrenheit) because it will break down the FOS into simple sugars and cause the loss of vital nutrients. So avoid baking with yacon syrup.

Some of our favorite ways to incorporate yacon syrup:

  • In Chia seed pudding
  • As an Oatmeal sweetener
  • On toast with green apple

Enjoy sweeties.


XO, Kalumi

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In a consumer study, 96% of women saw an improvement in the texture of their skin.