It's bikini season! From the months of May - September, your product may ship with an ice pack (It's re-usable!). 

PLEASE NOTE: If your order is placed past 11AM PST on Wednesday, your order will ship the following Monday to ensure it is not exposed to heat longer than 2 days.

We work with high quality natural ingredients, such as delicious cocoa butter, which can melt or become soft in hot temperatures. We do not add fillers or additives to prevent this natural occurrence. If your product melts or separates, don't worry, it has not gone bad! The cocoa butter has just melted and separated. Once the product meets room temperature or cooler, it will reform. 

During these hot months, please make sure to keep an eye on your tracking number. It is not recommended to leave your product outside for a long time as it can effect the texture of the product.