Crystals for BEAUTY

Crystals and minerals have been used for centuries for many different purposes - prosperity, protection, luck and even beauty. Yes, beauty. These precious gifts from Mother Earth can provide us a unique, therapeutic vibration that can kick our beauty routines up a notch in 2017. 


Lepidolite was known to be Cleopatra's beauty stone and believed to reverse any aging signs. It is a wonderful rejuvenation stone and also harnesses lithium, which is a natural anti-anxiety property, calming the mind, body and soul.

Rose Quartz was known by the Egyptians as an anti-aging stone - ancient stories say goddesses would find Rose Quartz near the Niles River and used them as facial massages. This powerful stone can energetically charge you, your auric field and beauty products with everlasting, empowering love.

Aquamarine brings vitality and healing to the body. Known as the "Stone of the Mermaids", many believe that Aquamarine brings eternal youthfulness to anyone who kept the stone close with them. Also, deeply connected to the ocean, this gem allows you to connect to its aquatic powers even when your not near water physically.

Shungite holds properties that aid in detoxification, cleansing and purification. Found only in Russia, this stone can absorb any negative or hazardous energies found in our body and maintain internal balance. This crystal is ideal for overall well-being.

Clear Quartz promotes mental, emotional and physical clarity. It contains amplifying powers that raise the vibrations of other stones in comes in contact with, making it a "must-have" beauty stone.

Blue Lace Agate channels pure, soft energy that radiates calmness. They say stress and anger are the top aging triggers yet this potent gem can melt all of your worries away, allowing you to feel complete serenity. 


Some of my favorite ways to use my top beauty stones include holding crystals during meditation, sleeping with them under my pillow, placing them on my face or on top of a DIY facials, setting tumbled versions over my eyelids before bed, adding them to body oils, sprays, make-up bags and even putting them right in the tub with me for a divine soak!



Hi beauties! ​I'm Erica ​Rachel ​​- a crystal-loving, soul-searching spirit with a sun in Capricorn + moon in Aquarius. I'm also the founder of Soul Notion - a new age platform ​that provides​ ​guidance, support & many blessings as ​we all continue down this life journey of discovering, fulfilling & following ​our truest desires. When I'm not working my 9-5 job as a Marketing Manager at a crystal healing company, you can find me ​exploring the latest wellness trend, ​meditating, running, wine tasting, studying my natal chart, ​experimenting with crystal combinations, ​diving into self-love books​ with ​a spoonful of peanut butter ​in hand ​and enjoying every precious moment ​I have on Earth. 

​Instagram: @soulnotion + @ericarachelk

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