This month Kalumi chats with actress/model Andrea Thomas. This natural beauty exudes a strength and confidence that is both admirable and contagious, advocating self love and acceptance with every post. Coming from humble beginnings, Andrea has built an amazing career for herself, with a focus on giving back and helping those around her. In this interview, Andrea shares her top beauty and wellness tips, and how she keeps a balanced mind and healthy body on-the-go.

Where do you call home? Where did you grow up?

At this present time, I call Los Angeles home. However, I originally grew up in Miami, Fl.

How did you get started in modeling? What has been your favorite job thus far?

I got started in modeling by first walking into an agencyʼs open call. They signed me on the spot. Apparently on their site they did not have open calls but i pretended as if i wasnʼt aware and went anyway. My favorite job so far would probably have to be a beauty campaign i shot in South Africa called Environ. I learned how to surf on the job, I also got to cross off other things on my bucket list...

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How do you prepare for a big job? (workout, beauty routines, food?)

Before a big job, I make sure to drink plenty of water. I make sure to not eat any fatty foods on the days leading up to it. The oil would cause a horrible breakout for my face. I also love HIIT workouts so I make sure to do some before the big day.

Modeling isn't an easy job, you are constantly judged on your appearance. Do you have any advice on how to keep a positive relationship with your body?

For me, I do things that make me feel good. If I feel good, then most likely I look good. If I am putting stuff in my body like certain foods and enough water that give me the most energy, then positive affirmations from myself will come. Anything else from anyone else, does not matter one bit.

How do you stay fit and focused while managing business, social life, and family. (What is your key to having a balanced life?)

My key to a blanced life is prayer. It helps me keep things in perspective. It gives me reassurance, it also takes away certain burdens I may be carrying. It is a huge part of my self-care routine. Self-care is how I balance everything.

You are a strong advocate of positive body image and self love, often sending reminders to your followers to love themselves for who they are. Is self love and acceptance something that you have had to work on or has it always come naturally?

As imperfect individuals, we constantly judge ourselves. I got picked on as a kid because of physical attributes. It definitely played a part in certain insecurities but as I have gotten older, I have learned to fall in love with who I am and what I possess. I still have some insecurities but as flawed individuals that is going to happen. I love who I have become and who I am constantly growing into.

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What is your beauty/skin care advice for other women?

It is so very important to drink water. It cleanses your body from the inside out. It also contributes to that glow! I love munching on Kalumi BEAUTYfood. Collagen is so important for our skin especially because elasticity is lost the older we get. Sweetie pie is my favorite flavor!

I have also been keeping a very clean face most of the time, as in no makeup. This has significantly changed my skin. Baking soda, Vit C serums, rosewater and rosehip oil have become the ultimate skin enhancers for me.

When constantly on the go and traveling for work, how do you stay healthy (physically and mentally?)

Being extremely busy with so many things, I have learned to put aside time for mental awareness as well as physical awareness. Prayer is an essential part of my routine. Also, stretching is a very important part of my day. HIIT workouts are my go-to in order to stay physically fit. I dont need a gym, so its perfect for travel days.

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What is your guilty pleasure/ what do you do on a day off?

My guilty pleasure is definitely bread. I feel so bad after eating has to be amazing bread though or i wont partake. I am going to sacrifice discomfort for soft, fluffy, buttery bread. When I have a day off, i am in bed, under the covers, catching up on my favorite TV Shows like This Is Us, The Blacklist and Criminal Minds.

Tell us something that only your closest friends know about you!

Something only my close friends know...Iʼm not as tough as you think!

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