This Month, Kalumi chats with business woman and founder of Olivine Atelier- Julie Wray. After working for herself for the past 25 years, Julie has a wealth of knowledge and advice on starting your own company and how to overcome the challenges that could prevent us from taking that first step. We also get an insight into this beauty gurus beauty routine! We'll tell you, it out 'sparkles' the rest! 

"We only get this one short life, if you have a dream to start a business then don’t let anything (or anyone) stop you!"

Where do you call home? Where did you grow up?

As of last week I call Hanalei my home! My husband and I started dreaming about spending a year on Kauai when our son was a baby. It took us 8 years to make it happen, but we did it!!

I grew up in Seattle where I was lucky enough to experience the grunge era firsthand!!

What inspired you to create Olivine Atelier?

I actually was inspired to create this line during a trip to Hanalei many years ago. As a matter of fact most of my best ideas were born here on this beautiful land...

My best selling fragrance Amongst The Waves was the beauty that inspired this entire line!!

"I have always chosen to make Self Love the main focus of my business."

Tell us about your company and the gap you are filling?

To be honest I don’t think there are many gaps left to fill in the beauty and perfume industry. I think we choose now to align ourselves with brands that speak to us and light us up in some way.

I have always chosen to make Self Love the main focus of my business.

I have an online course called Happily Ever After (a self love story) that hundreds of women have taken and had amazing results from. The course is 28 days of pure Beauty, Love + Gratitude.

I teach classes on how to make your own beauty products using essential oils because to me that is a beautiful expression of self love.

I have a line of oracle cards called Beauty Heart + Soul Daily Love Cards that are crucial reminders of how amazing you are.

When I launch a new product it is never because I am trying to fill a hole in the market, or because I think it will sell really well. It is always because I found myself experiencing more joy and feeling more beautiful as a result of the product. And if it’s a hit? BONUS!

Do you have any advice for other women who may be interested in starting a company of their own?

"I hate to sound like a Nike ad but you really have to just do it."

I have spent countless hours coaching women in starting their own businesses. Mostly I find that fear is the one factor that shows up repeatedly, and it can show itself in so many ways. I hate to sound like a Nike ad but you really have to just do it. You can start as small as you like and build it as slowly as you like, but if you never even start then it’s a sad waste of a dream.

We only get this one short life, if you have a dream to start a business then don’t let anything (or anyone) stop you!

What are your top two fav summer products from your collection?

Love + Salt Mist for beachy waves and the most amazing fragrance!! This is the same scent as the Amongst The Waves perfume and they are perfect together!!

Love + Roses Beauty Mist for misting on my face all day long and makes an amazing toner.

What is your daily Beauty routine?

I’m actually very low maintenance in the beauty routine department.

I am obsessed with the doTERRA skin care and I’m using all of that right now. I also love to make a lot of my own products. I make my own oil cleanser, masks and beauty sprays. It is so empowering and I love that I can change the ingredients up all the time so I don’t get bored.

Right now I am really missing my bathtub back home in Seattle. I am teased by my family for taking a bath every night no matter what (and no matter how hot it is outside!). I love to create my own beauty rituals in the tub using essential oils, flowers and crystals.


"Beauty means laughter, love and connection."

Any Beauty tips/ tricks to share?

Performing ANY act of self care is my best beauty tip.

Taking a nap, luxuriating in a bathtub, listening to your favorite podcast, taking yourself out for a beautiful meal, getting a massage, putting glitter on your front porch. Those are my best beauty tips.

What has been your proudest/most exciting moment since starting Olivine Atelier?

I get a lot of emails from women telling me how much they love the way my perfumes smell and I do love those emails, I truly do...

But I have received so many emails from women that have taken my Happily Ever After course that have brought me to my knees in tears and joy. Stories of women that have pulled themselves out of the trenches and created lives that they didn’t think were possible. That is why I do what I do.

What is your beauty/skin care advice for other women? 

2-3 litres of spring water a day and sunkissed skin are all the beauty tools you REALLY need!

Long walks outside in nature. I need to walk every day either at the beach (here in Hawaii), around a lake or in the woods (in Seattle). This is my life force.

Collagen!!! (Hello, my beloved Kalumi Lemon Love Bars!) I swear my skin is way more beautiful when I am using collagen regularly...

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty means laughter, love and connection.

Anything you can tell us about new and up incoming Olivine Atelier collections/ perfumes?

Yes!!! I am launching a new line of Flower Essences called Olivine Flowers in the next few months. I have been incorporating flower essences into some of my products over the years for their emotional benefits, and I have been dreaming of creating a collection completely based on these beautiful vibrational remedies. I will also be doing custom flower remedies for clients via email and Skype.

As I said before, my end game goal for Olivine is to entice women to love themselves. These flower remedies are going to be a total game changer for so many people, I get all goose-bumpy just thinking about it!!

I have been using flower essences for so many years and I have never found anything that will produce the changes that these little bottles do...I use them for sleep, anxiety, self love, trauma, intuition, speaking my truth, and the list could go on for days!

(Side note: Flower essences are not to be confused with essential oils!! They have no fragrance to them, and are completely a vibrational remedy.)

Finally, what do you love the most about working for yourself and being your own boss?

"I can’t even begin to explain the gratitude I have for the life I created by working for myself."

I’ve been working for myself for 25 years now and I honestly can’t imagine working for anyone else anymore! My creativity comes in waves and I need to be able to honor the times when the ideas are flowing and the times when I just want to watch TV for a week straight. All of this time is completely sacred to me and part of my process (including the TV!) so it seems unlikely that I would have a job for very long if I worked for someone else!!

Also, the freedom to move to Kauai for a year and work from a laptop on my lanai. I can’t even begin to explain the gratitude I have for the life I created by working for myself.

Thank you for your great advice on self love and care! Showing yourself some love will not only help you glow from within, it will nurture your soul and improve every aspect of your life and happiness! 

Be sure to follow @olivineatelier for self love and beauty rituals all day! And don't forget to check out her line, we're obsessed! 

Xo, Kalumi 


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