The Zoe Report- Collagen's Beauty Benefits May Surprise You

Collagen's Beauty Benefits May Surprise You

Another key word to look out for is hydrolyzed. “Hydrolyzed collagen means that the collagen is broken into smaller, easier to process particles,” Dr. Foy tells us. Kalumi BEAUTYfood, a brand that makes meal replacement bars packed with collagen and other skin-healthy ingredients, uses hydrolyzed collagen to increase the efficacy of absorption — specifically, they use hydrolyzed marine collagen from wild-caught cod fish.

Kalumi BEAUTYfood

The most effective collagen supplements will combine actual collagen with additional ingredients that increase the body’s own production of the protein. To this end, Skinade includes MSM (a type of organic sulphur that supports the formation of collagen) and L-lysine (an amino acid that helps skin cells rebuild collagen), and Kalumi BEAUTYfood bars rely on an extra dose of antioxidants via sweet potatoes. “Antioxidants from sweet potatoes, vitamins C and A, are known to support collagen production in the body naturally,” Harnwell and Blair tell us, a point which Dr. Zeichner confirms.


In a consumer study, 96% of women saw an improvement in the texture of their skin.