HOW TO: Layout photos


Kalumi BEAUTYfood is very photogenic thanks to its' simple white wrapper and trendy typeface. However, when it comes to getting the perfect layout shot, there are pro-tips and tricks that can help get your shots to #bloggerstatus !

This month our co-founder Jayla shares her secrets to getting the most instagram worthy layout shots of Kalumi.


A story! Every successful layout pic has a story or theme behind it.

For example: Heading to the beach this weekend? Take a snap of your beach day essentials, including a cute swimsuit, your favorite magazine, sunnies and that new organic tanning lotion you're obsessed with. 

Jet-setting around the world? Show us your travel must haves, like a passport, silk eye mask, rosewater and favorite snacks spilling out of that new designer tote you can't wait to show off! 

Having a story behind your image ensures that your layout will make sense and is relatable. 


When working with natural light, find the brightest area in your house to set up. Consider which direction the windows are facing, if they are facing east, shooting in the morning will be best. Although more light ensures a better outcome, there is no need to get too hung up on light or time of day. A lot can be added or fixed in post (which I will get to shortly!), so when inspiration strikes, take the shot! 

If you are shooting with a professional camera, try flipping it to Manual (rather than auto) and play with the ISO setting. For me, the brighter the image, the better! I will usually shoot around 600 + ISO. Don't go too high or you could risk having blurry images. 

PRO TIP: If you're working with a limited or one directional light source, try using a white board or reflector to help reflect light back onto the subject. 


The best layout shots always have something special that makes them look more thought out. Find stuff around the house that can add an extra touch to the image. For example: fresh flowers, delicate jewelry or your favorite lipstick can help round out the story and add that little something to your photograph. I also love to play with magazines in layout images as it can really add a story and mood to the photograph and add a chic, cool vibe. 

Another great way to spice up your image is investing in some different backdrop settings. Try adding a pop of color with a large sheet of paper to place your objects on. A white, marble table can also add texture to an image and looks very chic! If you don't have one, fake it!

(Example below)


Don't be afraid to play around with different angles. You'll often find me standing on a chair...and my dog, Man, hiding under it! 


Iphone: There are so many great apps these days for editing images. Below are some of my favorites and why:

Phototoaster: I mainly use this app for the lightening and darkening tool. The lightening brush is super handy for reducing shadowy areas and increasing brightness. The darkening brush can be useful in darkening any areas or details that may have been blown out slightly.

Facetune: This app has a ton of great features that go far beyond tuning your face... Try using the 'Patch' tool as a spot treatment.. you can eliminate any unwanted marks in the image. The 'details' tool is great to help sharpen certain areas. I will always run it over the labels of the subjects to ensure they are super clear. These are just some of my favorite tools but you can basically manipulate the whole photograph using this app. 

Instagram edit:  I love making adjustments to the lighting, sharpness and color tones using Instagram. Adjustments obviously depend on the image you are working with, but my go-to adjustments include turning the brightness up, sharpening, a little contract and warmth up slightly. Play around and see what looks good! just be careful not to wash out the details too much by over exposing the image. 



Computer Light room is my go-to program for photo editing on a computer. It is super easy to make all adjustments to lighting and exposure, as well as detail enhancement (using the clarity brush) and color adjustments. 

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Some ideas:

Changing the world from your desk? Take a snap of your favorite BEAUTY boosting snack right there by your side.


Catching a flight to your dream destination (or that work thing)? Kalumi loves to travel! Grab a pic with your suitcase and your cute outfit.

Show us how Kalumi BEAUTYfood fits seamlessly into your daily routine.

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We can't wait to see your Layout pics! 

Xo, Kalumi


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