BEAUTYfood for your mood: Which flavor are you?

This little guide below should tell you exactly which kind of bar you are (or at least which one you are in the mood for).


Lemon Love 

Are you Lemon Love? 

*Think unexpected, with many magical layers. Lemon Love is a surprising combination of sweet and salty, with a refreshing kick of lemon and rosemary.*

This babe is a serious morning person. She is energetic, bubbly and full of life from the moment she opens her eyes until she closes them at night.  She is refreshing, spontaneous and always full of surprises!  She loves to cook healthy, delicious food when she gets home from her morning spin class. There is no stopping her! She is a free spirit and happy-go-lucky babe. She loves animals and hanging with her friends but is a working girl by day. She is somehow able to keep up with everything and everyone and always has a new project she’s working on. 

Key words: Energy, happy, bubbly, easy-going, fresh, lively, beach babe, invigorating, spontaneous.

Hobbies: cooking, working out, the beach, shopping, browsing healthfood stores, friends, camping! 


Sweetie Pie 

Are you a Sweetie Pie? 

*With a delicious mix of vanilla, cinnamon, sweet potato and coconut you will be feeling all kinds of sweet.  Sweetie Pie feels just like home.*

She is sweet and caring. The first person her friends will call for advice/support. This babe always has your back! When it comes to the latest news, she doesn’t skip a beat! The first thing she does in the in the morning is catch up on emails, checks her social accounts and browses the current news while snacking on her BEAUTYfood. She is down-to-earth and calming- one of those ones you just want to be around.

Key words: comforting, sweet, thoughtful, loyal, familiar, whimsical, dreamy, heart, earthy, home.

Hobbies: reading, all things creative, informative blogging, yoga, friends, charity work, playing an instrument. 


Cocoa Kiss 

Are you Cocoa kiss? 

*Rich, indulgent almond and cocoa brownie with crunchy cacao nibs for a little unexpected texture!  Cocoa Kiss is not afraid to stand out.*

This busy babe is go, go, go! She loves her work… almost as much as she loves her play. You know the phrase “work hard, play hard”? Yeah...she invented it! She has no problem in indulging in love, lust and attention. She is feisty and fearless.  Judgement slides right off her back. She is sexy and knows that loving yourself is the key to happiness. She is not afraid to show her true self. After a long day she loves nothing more than to relax on the couch with a glass of red wine and ‘netflix and chill’. Eat your heart out! 

Key words: sexy, confident, indulgent, lust, chocolate, enticing, velvet, city girl. 

Hobbies: travel, fine dining, romantic dates, movies, leadership roles, public speaking, fancy dress. 

Tell us who you are! We can't wait to find out.

XO, Kalumi