What Are Marine Collagen Peptides?

There are so many varieties of collagen supplements are available, it's hard to know which is which and what each supplement does for you. Some varieties include: hydrolyzed collagen, collagen protein, collagen peptides, pills, powders, and more.

It's particularly hard with collagen supplements because, for the most part, all the varieties give you the same overall benefits. The key differences are the sources of collagen, and whether or not it's hydrolyzed or in peptide form.

Besides these things, collagen supplements are all formed to give you the same benefits. These include: strengthening the skin barrier, preventing further damage from collagen loss, helping strengthen bones and connective tissues, and easing digestion problems.

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A common type of collagen supplement is marine collagen peptides. These are available as a collagen powder which has been broken down into tiny particles that are easy to consume and easy for your body to absorb. Marine collagen is already the most bioavailable option (meaning it is highly effective because it is the most easily absorbed), so when you break it down further into peptides you will have a better chance of successful absorption and therefore more results. 

What are the health benefits of marine collagen peptides?

  1. Glowing skin: Collagen helps to improve elasticity in your skin. It also helps to improve the skin's barrier. The stronger and healthier your skin is, the easier it is to heal acne, scarring, and other blemishes. Plus, it helps with preventing wrinkles because it's a key protein that keeps skin strong.  
  2. Stronger bones: Some studies have suggested that taking collagen as a supplement helps your body to better absorb calcium, which is essential for preventing osteoporosis and weak bones. 
  3. Helps with gut and digestion issues: the amino acids in collagen have the ability to help heal and strengthen the lining of our gut. Glycine (an amino acid) helps with inflammation and rebuilding digestive tissues. 

What are marine collagen peptides made of?

Collagen itself is made out of chains of amino acids. Glycine and proline are two of the most essential amino acids that aid in the formation of collagen.

Marine collagen is made out of fish skin / scales. Bovine, porcine and chicken collagen are made from animal bones and skin as well.

All collagen supplements are derived from animals, meaning there are no vegan options available. Some vegetarians may not be able to take the supplements either, depending on how strict you are with your diet. However, marine collagen is a pescatarian option.

Supplements are also usually gluten free, but check the label to make sure there's nothing with gluten added in the brand you choose.

Are marine collagen peptides good for you?

Yes! With all the benefits previously mentioned and even more still being discovered, marine collagen peptides are so good for your body. Especially as we age, it becomes more important to supplement our diet with collagen.

Issues like joint pain, lack of bone strength, weak skin elasticity, and unhealthy skin, hair, and nails, are all issues you can encounter when collagen production decreases in your body.

By taking collagen as a dietary supplement, you help your body with healthy hair, anti-aging effects, improved joint health and bone health, and so much more. Collagen is a do-it-all supplement, and can address so many issues we have both internally and externally. 

Marine Collagen Hydrolyzed

What is the difference between collagen peptides and marine collagen?

The simple answer is this: there isn't much of a difference. It really comes down to the way each supplement is processed.

The biggest difference is that peptides are broken down more and therefore easier to digest, and absorb more quickly. It's the same as marine collagen that is hydrolyzed. The process of hydrolysis is what breaks the particles down into an easily absorbable amount. If a product just says 'marine collagen,' it's the same product, but not as broken down as peptides and hydrolyzed supplements.

The good news is, this means no matter which variety you choose, you will essentially be getting the same benefits. Some people may find that collagen peptides are easier to digest, but other than that there is no real difference. 

What are the side effects of collagen peptides?

The great thing about collagen peptides is that there are no known side effects. This makes it one of the best supplements to try, because there is no risk in taking it. The only thing to note is that some people have found certain varieties to upset their stomachs; however, that's rare and taking hydrolyzed collagen or collagen peptides should be completely fine for those with a more sensitive digestive system. Even if you don't notice results right away, you're still helping your body replenish its depleting collagen levels over time. 

As mentioned, there are several varieties of collagen peptide supplements available. It is absolutely essential that you read your labels and know what is in the product you're getting. Since collagen is from animals, always ensure your products are made with grass-fed beef, wild caught fish, or organic porcine and chicken collagen.

Look for labels that say non-gmo, for example, to try and get the cleanest version available.

Another thing to look at is whether or not it’s unflavored. Flavored versions, especially chocolate and fruit flavors, tend to have additives and sugars in them, which decrease the effectiveness of the collagen supplement (sugar has been shown to destroy collagen and hinder natural collagen production in our bodies).

Whether you choose pills, powder, or any other kind of supplement, always choose what works best for your body.

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In a consumer study, 96% of women saw an improvement in the texture of their skin.