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Updated September 1, 2021



What is Marine Collagen and is it good for you?

Many people wonder what kind of beauty supplements they should be taking, and what each supplements’ specific benefits are. From collagen peptides to biotin pills to beauty elixirs, there are countless options, and it’s hard to know which ones are legit and which ones are just trendy.  One supplement that has recently taken the beauty world by storm is collagen, and for good reason. 


What is Collagen?

Collagen is a protein found in your body that is important for the success of healthy skin, bones, joints, hair, and nails. It is absolutely necessary for supporting glowing skin and provides multiple health benefits. Our bodies produce collagen naturally, but as we age the production rate starts to slow down. In fact, we produce 1% less collagen in our skin each year after the age of 20.2 This is why it is imperative to start taking a collagen supplement sooner rather than later. Just one dose a day may significantly improve your skin and help prevent wrinkles and dullness down the road. 3 Not only is natural collagen production essential for skin elasticity, anti-aging, joint health, bone health, and it also supports healthy hair and nail growth. Given this information, you may be wondering what type of collagen supplements or collagen products you should be taking. So, what are your options? 


What types of Collagen exist?

As for the types of collagen available, there’s Type I, Type II, Type III, Type V, and Type X. The biggest difference is, essentially, where the collagen comes from. Typically you wouldn’t find Type V and Type X in a supplement form. In order to understand the differences of each type and their specific benefits, here is a brief overview:2

 -Type I is a protein and helps form our bones, skin, and other tissues. It’s also the most abundant type of collagen found in the human body. It’s the strongest type, meaning it works the most effectively to heal and rebuild in your body. 

-Type II collagen is found in the body’s cartilage. This means that it is used to support joint and connective tissue health.

 -Type III is similar to Type I, and is largely found in our skin and organs. It’s the second most abundant type of collagen in your body. Both Type I and Type III help with elasticity in the skin and gut support. 

-Type V is what composes the cells in the placenta of a woman during pregnancy. 

-Type X is typically found within our cartilage, and is important for bone and joint cartilage growth. 

 What are the different sources of Collagen?

As for the variety, or source, of the collagen, there’s bovine, marine, poultry, and porcine. Unfortunately for vegans, there are no plant-based collagen sources. This is because it is a chain of amino acids that exists in our bodies in the same way it exists in animals. Plant collagen is not made of the same amino acids so it does not promote collagen synthesis. The most commonly used collagen in supplement form comes from bovine simply because it is typically the most readily available, and the cheapest option in terms of production. The reason that bovine collagen isn’t the preferred choice for beauty purposes is because it contains a combination of Type I and Type III collagen that is derived from cow hides. It does not contain as much Type I collagen, which is the most abundant in our hair, skin, and nails.2 Also, bovine is not always the cleanest source of collagen. Land mammals are far more likely to contain contaminants or hormones than fish. Regardless of which type you choose, always make sure that the animal was pasture-raised or grass-fed. Since collagen is coming from parts of an animal, you need to make sure it is a clean and sustainable product you are putting in your body; not to mention, it’s important that the animal’s quality of life was acceptable. A better choice for skin (and overall) health is marine collagen (aka fish collagen, which is derived from fish skin and fish scales) because it’s primarily Type I collagen, which has the greatest benefits for your hair, skin, nails, and healthy body function. While it is more expensive, it’s also a cleaner, premium type of collagen, which is ethically sourced, as long as you make sure the fish is sustainably wild-caught from non-toxic waters. Therefore, it does run a higher cost but it’s more sustainable, it’s absorbed 1.5x faster by the body, and does not contain contaminants that can be found in land mammals. In order to get all of these clean benefits, make sure that the brand you choose is wild-caught.4

 What ways should I take Collagen?

There are a couple ways in which you can increase your collagen intake. When you are cooking, you should leave the skin of the meat or fish on. Homemade bone broth is another viable option for additional collagen. And, of course, there are always supplements. And lots of them! Sometimes, all of the pills and powders can be overwhelming and inconvenient.


What are the benefits of Marine Collagen?

While any additional clean collagen supplement will benefit your body in one of the ways previously mentioned, marine collagen is far superior to any other type available and will allow your body to reap all of the amazing benefits. According to Dr. Natasha Turner of Clear Medicine, marine collagen is derived from fish, and it’s the most efficient when it comes to being absorbed in the body. This is what makes it the most effective collagen peptide supplement. The body can absorb it faster and easier than other types. While there are many benefits to marine collagen, and even more that are still being studied, there are three that have been scientifically proven to be effective. The first benefit is that it improves your hair, skin, and nails. This is why it’s known as a beauty booster. It helps your own cells to continue repairing and renewing themselves, which over time can help with the appearance of your skin, hair, and nails. It may use the amino acids found in collagen in order to grow protein in your hair, and strengthen the skin that your roots attach to.6 Another benefit is that it builds bone strength. While the marine collagen peptides are being absorbed, they also help your body to absorb calcium and other minerals more efficiently, which directly helps to strengthen your bones. A third benefit is that it helps with inflammation and joint pain. Given its smooth consistency that helps keep bones together, marine collagen allows joints to move easily and can even help prevent deterioration.1 According to a study conducted on athletes with joint pain, taking collagen as a supplement for 24 weeks gave them improvement and relief of their joint pain.7 And while there needs to be more studies conducted for concrete evidence, the current evidence is extremely promising. 

Other benefits that are still being researched include brain health and function, blood sugar stabilization, metabolism boosting, and more. Something to look for and consider when choosing the type of marine collagen supplement you want to take is whether or not the collagen was hydrolyzed. It’s really just  an added bonus if your supplement is hydrolyzed. This process, known as hydrolysis, is when collagen is broken down into collagen peptides. These peptides contain all of the same benefits and nutrients as the collagen in its original state, but the specific process it goes through in order to be hydrolyzed ensures the collagen can be more easily absorbed by your body. Basically, it’s already ready for your body to digest and process. Overall, marine collagen is definitely a beauty supplement you should consider taking daily. Just make sure the one you choose is wild-caught and has nothing added to it in order to get the cleanest product and healthiest benefits. You may also be wondering about side-effects of taking a collagen supplement. It is rare for someone to have any sort of side effect or issue with their supplements, because we already have collagen in our bodies. One of the only reported side effects have been minor gastrointestinal issues. 

There are countless companies offering collagen and collagen peptide supplements in all varieties, from all sources. At the end of the day, you, as the consumer, need to make an informed decision as to which supplement will be the most beneficial to your overall health and specific needs. If you’re looking for a more convenient collagen supplement, consider trying one of our Kalumi BEAUTYfood bars. These bars have been specifically created for the purpose of being an all-in-one beauty supplement and clean snack. Most people are taking a collagen supplement to help the appearance of their skin, so why wouldn’t you want your supplement to have more than one benefit for your skin? Each Kalumi BEAUTYfood bar contains 88 grams of wild-caught marine collagen. The best part is that each bar also contains other ingredients that will help your skin to glow. For example, the different bars all contain sweet potato, which is a great source of Vitamin A.  Our bars also contain cocoa butter, which has naturally occurring antioxidants, polyphenols, and flavonoids that can contribute to beautiful skin. These are essential for the retention of collagen. All in all, the bars are a true beauty powerhouse. Not only is it more convenient than traditional supplements, but it tastes great and contains only the cleanest ingredients. Many other supplements and pills contain additives and fillers, with only a little bit of collagen. Kalumi BEAUTYfood is specifically formulated to contain other beauty boosting ingredients that give you healthy skin. Clean ingredients plus clean collagen means happy, glowing skin.

How expensive is Collagen?

A lot of people ask us about the cost of our bars. Think about it this way: when you purchase an organic, cold-pressed juice from a juice bar, you’re easily paying $10-12 for one bottle of juice. When you look at it that way, it seems expensive. But, if you think about what you’re getting out of that bottle, the cost doesn’t seem so unreasonable. Most of these juices contain 5-8 pounds of fresh, organic produce squeezed in there. That’s a whole lot of vitamins and nutrients, coming from the cleanest ingredients. It’s the same idea with our bars. All of our ingredients are non-GMO, and the marine collagen is wild-caught and sustainably sourced. Each bar is packed with nutritious ingredients, antioxidants, protein, and collagen. Not to mention, it’s filling enough to act as a meal replacement if needed. Also, think about the fact that if you buy a packet of collagen to add to your juice, water, or smoothie, it will cost you around $2-4 per packet. Plus, you’ll realistically need to buy another snack to fill you up. So not only does Kalumi BEAUTYfood give you a full serving of the premier source of collagen, but it’s also a clean and healthy snack for only $3.99! Your health and wellness is an investment, and you truly do get what you pay for. 



I’ve been trying to find ways to incorporate Collagen into my diet (other than powder, yuck) and I love the Kalumi bars - the Cocoa Kiss is like a midday treat (and lemon is like dessert!) except it sustains my energy through the afternoon and my skin is loving my new dewy spring regiment! -Anna D

I do not eat red meat so was unable to use collagen in the past ( I did try but had stomach issues ) I love all the flavors offered in these marine collagen bars..it would be difficult to choose a favorite. My skin definitely feels more hydrated and my nails are stronger as well. I am in my sixties and have seen a noticeable difference in my hands as they are plumper and much smoother. Thank you, thank you! -J.H. 

I used to take my daily dose of marine collagen in powder form, but realized how much more enjoyable it is getting it through a bar form like BEAUTYfood. I love how I have a bar for breakfast and it keeps me satisfied until lunch! It's so nice knowing that I'm getting a beauty supplement and full meal all in one. -Sarah 

After taking my first bite, I wondered where these bars have been my whole life! Each bar is low in sugar and high in protein! Cocoa kiss is my fav because it tastes like a delicious, filling chocolate dessert. No lie. I've also been obsessed with collagen lately, so it's great to see that collagen is now being put into a bar! That makes it so convenient when I'm busy and am on the go. Thanks for making these bars! -Michelle 


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In a consumer study, 96% of women saw an improvement in the texture of their skin.