Kalumi's Registered Dietitian


Meet Jaimee

Jaimee completed a Bachelor Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics at Monash University, Melbourne Australia in 2013. This four-year degree delves into the science of food and nutrition and the practical application of nutrition for people with a variety of health care needs. Jaimee is registered by the Dietitian's Association of Australia as an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD).

In 2014, Jaimee relocated to Los Angeles and has since been working closely in the field of nutrition and mental health in both the private practice and residential settings, helping clients to use food and nutrition to nourish and heal their mind, body and spirits.

Nutrition Philosophy

“My mission as a nutrition professional is to help my clients develop a healthy and balanced relationship with food and to learn to honor and trust their bodies. I aim to shed light on the conflicting world of nutrition advice and help people to nourish and respect their bodies through food and lifestyle, without restricting, dieting or any rigid food guidelines.”

About Our Review Process

As a beauty and wellness brand, our mission is not only to offer great products to better your life, but to also help educate others on why we use the ingredients we do. In order to make sure all the information you get from us is legit, our content is reviewed, verified, and validated by our network of registered dietitians.