Kalumi chats with Blogger Lauren Bullen of @gypsea_lust. This Aussie mega-babe travels the world and gets paid for it. If you haven't seen her blog yet, we HIGHLY suggest you do- unless you're not into breathtaking scenery, impeccable #styleinspo and #relationshipgoals. Don't just take our word for it, with almost 2 million instagram followers, she is clearly doing something right! Lauren shares the lead up to landing her "dream job", advice on how to create a successful blog, and shares her favorite trip thus far. 


Where do you call home? 

The world is my home, I spend most the year all across the world, I do spend a lot of time in Bali to relax between all the trips! 


Where are you now? 

Currently just landed in Greece, here for 3 weeks again, we (Lauren and her Boyfriend Jack @doyoutravel ) were here last summer and fell in love with everything about it, the food, the scenery & the people! 


You officially have the coolest job, being paid to explore the world. What got you into blogging?

My sister got me into it- she started a food blogging account and that what's motivated me, I was constantly travelling and just sharing my pictures, I loved it, spent every free moment learning how to take and edit photos and it was probably a year later when I got invited to explore my local region with the tourism board and get filmed and do some posts, I wasn't paid for the trip, but others were and I couldn't believe it, from there on it just escalated and not long later I had to quit my full time job to peruse this new "dream job" I never did it for the motivation to make any money, it was the lifestyle I was chasing.



What has been your favorite trip thus far? And where do you still hope to go? 

One of my favourite trips was India with beautiful destinations, mostly because of everyone we were on the trip with and got the pleasure of getting to know well, also the fact that beautiful destinations and the hotel chain worked really well to organise some of the most epic experiences; a mock wedding, mock holli festival etc, within a week we got to experience a taste of some of indias best experiences.



You spend a lot of time on airplanes and constantly on-the-go, what are some of your tips and tricks to stay radiant and looking your best? (i.e natural moisturizers? vitamins? healthy foods? 

healthy foods is certainly my main one here; I do my very best to maintain a healthy diet, which can be super hard when you are starving and there's barely any options than greasy shit food! 

I always travel with coconut oil, it's my skin hydration go to! I think the more natural (no scents & chemicals) the better! 


What are some of your favorite ways to stay active when traveling? 

I try to exercise 5-6 times per week, when we are quickly travelling about it can be really difficult to exercise frequently. Most the hotels we stay at have gyms, this helps a lot otherwise we look for local gyms or head out for a run! It can certainly be challenging but you have to make time for it; I think the best time to go is early morning or mid morning. 


Do you have any advice for someone who wishes to become a successful blogger like yourself? 

My best advice would be; be unique, if you want to stand out from the crowd you need to be doing something completely different and getting people talking, if you just do what everyone else is doing it's so hard to get noticed these days.

Other advice would be the quality of your images, instagram is a visual image platform, you need to nail these images, everything from the frame, edit and creative direction.

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July 2017- Kamela Brewer (BOLD spray tanning)

May/June 2017- Arielle Kogut (Financial Analyst)

April 2017- Kate Moore (Photographer)

March 2017- Alexandra Grief (Montce Swim Designer)

February 2017- Chloe Hurst (Actress & Model)

January 2017- Megan Roup (Dancer & Fitness Model)

December 2016- Kyriaki Savrani (Professional Makeup Artist)

November 2016- Lauren Jennings (Artist & Designer)

October 2016- Susie Abromeit (Actress)