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Kalumi chats with Entrepreneur and health guru Brooke Rewa, the always glowing and vibrant founder of Made with Love Wellness. Brooke shares her secrets to living a healthy, joyous lifestyle as well as the inspiration behind starting her own company. Her fearless approach to bettering the health industry is not only inspirational, it's down right impressive! WARNING: prepare to salivate as she shares details on her new products (superfood smoothies and "Mylk") oh my! 

Above photo by Kristine Lo www.kristinelo.com
Where were you born and how long have you been in LA? 
I was born in Oxnard, CA but grew up in a really small farm town in upstate New York.  I've been living in LA for almost 8 years. 
What were you like as a little one?  
I grew up quickly. My dad has always said I'm an old soul.  I was pretty outgoing but also really loved spending time alone.  I grew up in a family of dairy farmer's and hunters and I became Vegetarian when I was 12 and vegan a few years later.  I'm pretty sure I was the only vegetarian anyone back there knew at the time.
How did your childhood affect your passion for sustainability and saving animals?
Growing up around my grandparent's farm was such a gift. Every cow, horse, cat and dog had a name and personality and I loved them all so much. I also saw how much my Grandpa loved the animals. It was a dairy farm so many of the cows lived their lives out there. He was always so heartbroken whenever something happened to one of them.
I also got to see how quickly technology and money changed dairy farming and how hard it was for small farmer's to keep up, especially while trying to keep the integrity of the product and respecting the animals. I saw my grandfather lose his family farm because farming became about the bottom line and not about feeding people.

What does your morning routine look like? 
Owning a business often makes it hard to stick to a routine first thing in the morning. The one thing I always do is start my day off with a glass of salt water. It has been a life saver for digestive issues I've struggled with. It's also a great way to get minerals in and make sure the first thing your putting into your body is something nourishing. Ideal days are followed by a functional Matcha Latte made at home and packed with superfoods, adaptogens and healthy fat. Then a 20 minute meditation (ideally under my new meditation light) and a phone-less walk with my dog Bazooka or a 15 minute yoga flow/stretch.
Which juice flavor can you be found sipping on at the moment?
This exact moment I have a Detoxify by my side. It's all greens with 0 sugar. It guarantees I'm getting my daily dose of greens in and just makes me feel really alive and vibrant!
What inspired you to start your own business?
 I fell in love with juicing and how it was making me feel. At the same time I didn't feel like anyone else was doing it right. I set out to create functional juices (and now many more products) that are the highest quality you can find. From the ingredients to the packaging everything is done with the goal of being the healthiest, most pure and functional product of its kind.
How has your own personal health inspired the products you sell?
It inspires every single product we sell. I healed myself through juicing, so created a juice line. I needed a quick and nutritional breakfast, so I created Superfood Mylkshakes. I wanted better natural beauty products so we launched a Superfood Beauty line. You get the idea!
In your Venice store, you focus on providing raw beverages in glass bottles, what are the benefits of this?
Yes! We are one of the few left. The glass is definitely more eco friendly and makes for less plastic waste. It also preserves the integrity of the juice. You can compare a juice bottled in glass to one in plastic and notice it has a much fresher, crisper taste.
In addition to selling amazing juices & mylks, your beauty line is making waves in the natural beauty industry. Would you share a little about the superfoods that are a part of your skin care line?
I'm so proud of the Superfood Beauty line we've created, which we partnered with the amazing Herbalist Lauren Dodge (Fruits to the Roots) to help us perfect. Sticking with our promise to make functional products we looked at the products I use daily and elevated them. Our Rose Water has ingredients like aloe, bee pollen and pearl to help hydrate, nourish and even get rid of discoloration. We use seabuckthorn, astragalus, jojoba and other great ingredients in our Vibrant Youth Serum. The Rose Toner has ashwagandha in it which is incredibly soothing and calming for the skin. These products are intensely anti-aging and rejuvenating. I've had so many people tell me they've seen amazing results which has been so rewarding.
What have been some of the biggest challenges you've dealt with as a company dedicated to honest health?
Educating people is always a challenge. There is a lot of misinformation out there and a lot of gray area in labeling. Brands and media tend to make blanket statements like "almond milk is better for you than dairy." Sure, but is that still the case when the almond milk is filled with binders, chemicals and preservatives? It's easy to see how consumers get frustrated. We try our best to give them clear and factual information but also provide a solution. You want real homemade almond milk without the chemicals? Great, we sell it. Or check out our online video that shows you how to make it!
It's a similar problem on the wholesale side. We offer our juices and almond mylk to cafes, restaurants, etc and we are also educating them on why they should care about giving their customer a better product. We have been really lucky to work with some amazing partners like Blue Bottle Coffee, La Colombe, Soho House, Gjelina, and others who are fighting the same fight!
You are currently releasing new products under your new brand- Made With Love Wellness. This is so exciting! Can you please share a bit of background on the company change and how you decided on the new name?
Yes! It's very exciting. The name change came about as I realized the flow of what we put out has been really following my interests and my interests are growing way beyond juice. A name like Made with Love opens up all kinds of possibilities which is really exciting to me as the most rewarding part about owning this business is sharing what I learn with my customers and creating products that elevate their lives. It's also a little reminder, all of our products are made with love and SO ARE YOU!
What are some of your newest creations and services?
I'm really excited about our Functional Gummy Bear line that we've slowly started to launch! It includes Beauty Bears (for skin & hear) Chill Bears (de-stress & balance) and Super Bear (Wellness & Vitality). They're very tasty and effective.
We are also working on growing our Mylk brand and offering it in places outside of just LA. We've seen such a demand and I really think it's time everyone has access to REAL almond milk.

How has your brand become a representation of your values?
I believe food and nutrition can shape a person's day/week/life . And I believe that if you're in a position where you're feeding people (especially in the wellness world) you have a duty to offer them real food. As a wellness brand I feel we also have a duty to be transparent and authentic in our message and products, to put people over profit and to make sure we are offering something to our community instead of taking from them. And to give back. Give back money, kindness, information, understanding and love. My team and I do our best daily to make sure Made With Love is embodies all of these things.

In light of the holidays and your "major sweet tooth", What are some of your favorite clean desserts/treats?
Oh goodness. This list could get large. I'm really lucky to have a few amazing friends who make clean and beautiful desserts. If you come to our storefront you will see we have half a refrigerator filled with sweets.
Freedom Farm: Raw, vegan desserts are insane. They even make a raw poptart!
Coco Bakes LA:  The best paleo brownies ever 
Sweet Laurel Bakery:  She does this chocolate, caramel cake that's amazing. And I eat her jarred homemade caramel sauce by the spoonful. 
Better Butter Cups:  Allergen free sunflower butter cups
A new favorite is the Kalumi Cocoa Kiss!  Love the flavor here. You guys nailed it! 
What's in store for the next few months for Made With Wellness?
Keeping people healthy through the holidays and taking Mylk national!
If you're in L.A, make sure to stop by Made with Love Wellness in Venice to try her delicious juices, smoothies, Mylk products and divine skin care! 
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Kalumi xx