Kyriaki Savrani

Celebrity Makeup Artist. Industry Icon.

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Kyriaki Savrani (aka “Kiki”) is a world-renowned celebrity and editorial makeup artist. She has worked with many of the world’s biggest babes, from Kate Moss and Claudia Schiffer to Alessandra Ambrosio and Taylor Swift. With a strong passion for what she does and a love of organic and natural beauty, we are super excited to take notes from this industry icon!


Hi Kyriaki!  So, where do you call home? 

Home is Greece and New York City.

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What was the inspiration behind starting your career path in the fashion industry? 

It sounds like a cliché, but my mother’s style and elegance had a huge impact on me from very young age. She always had such an avant-garde look and sense of style. She was a very modern woman for her time. She always was, and still is today, a head turner! She used to dress my sister and I in beautiful clothes, which she would make herself a lot of the time. I remember every time she would do her hair and makeup before going out, I would sit next to her and watch her! She is a fascinating woman!


What has been your favorite/ most memorable location for a shoot? 

The English countryside for a Vanity Fair shoot with Nicole Kidman.  It was just magical; very foggy and mysterious, typically English. Also Cambodia and Cuba in the mid 90s.



Describe your makeup style to us. 

I LOVE makeup!  I am a nostalgic and I love all makeup trends from the past. I particularly love the 70s and 80s era . But it doesn't stop there - I have so many books on makeup. I guess my makeup style on set is somewhere between healthy looking skin and sexy.  I love so many different types of makeup . I can easily go from a minimal makeup to bold eyes with a vivid lip color, as long as the result is sexy and feminine and doesn't scream overly done.  I can't stand this mask-on-the-face makeup trend right now. Too much everything! I feel like giving free makeup wipes to girls when I see them down the streets… LOL.


May we ask your daily skincare routine? 

I don't obsess over my skin routine, I keep it very simple.  I find that the less products I use, the better my skin looks. For example, sometimes I will use a drop of oil before going to bed, other times I will skip it. I switched my skincare to organic products without chemicals or preservatives. I like to use Tracie Martyn and Annmarie Gianni products as well as pure hydraulic acid that I buy from France. I use face masks (that I make mostly with avocado ) and I exfoliate regularly. Sometimes I will use cucumber slices on my face as a toner and other times I spray rose water.

Kyriaki Savrani Kalumi Interview


What is your beauty/skin care advice for other women? 

I truly believe in the power of food. Healthier food choices lead to healthier skin (not to mention the physical and mental wellbeing!). I am not a nutritionist, but from my own experience even the smallest healthier choices will have your skin thanking you. I don’t eat dairy, sugar or gluten. People love to spend money on " miracle" skin care . But what we put in our body reflects on our health (inner and outer) Other advice : Get enough Sleep!! Drink water, a lot! Don't complicate or obsess over your skin, instead make it simple and look for quality/chemical-free skin care.  MOISTURIZE! Love, love and love! I truly believe in the power of love (I sound like Madonna, LOL): love life (not just your life), love yourself and love others equally... And BE HAPPY! Happiness is sexy.


Any makeup looks/products you are obsessed with at the moment? 

Right now I am seriously obsessed with a couple of Marc Jacobs lipstick shades, lip liners, Annmarie Gianni's foundation, Korres sunscreen and Besame lipsticks!


What does beauty mean to you? 

Personally, I believe beauty is how you feel about yourself and about the world. Charisma is very sexy!

Kyriaki Savrani laetitia casta Kalumi

pictured: Kyriaki Savrani and Laetitia Casta in Cuba during the 90's


What do you like to do to stay active? 

Meditation keeps me mentally strong and therefore energetic. Something about taking some time off to empty my mind gives me energy and a very positive state of mind. 


What do you typically do on a day off in New York City? 

I love going to the Farmer’s Market, I read a lot and I work out. I also paint.


Thanks Kyriaki!  Great advice from an industry icon.  Check, check and CHECK!  To see some of Kyriaki’s beautiful work on Instagram, go to @kyriakisavrani 

xo, Kalumi



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