This month, Kalumi chats with ultra fitness babe and celebrity trainer, Amanda Kloots! Amanda's contagious energy and passion for exercise inspires her clients daily. Amanda shares her secrets for staying motivated during a workout and the scoop on her successful and super fun fitness classes, The Rope & The Dance & The Body. 

Where did you grow up and what was it like?
I grew up in Canton, Ohio.  I had a wonderful childhood.  I come from a big family, 5 kids, and we did everything together.  We all were in the arts, played instruments, danced, or sang in choir.  
Has fitness always been a large part of your life?
I took dance class since I was ten years old so I was always active.  I would be in ballet class after school till 9pm at night most days of the week.  I got into fitness while doing my first national tour of 42nd Street.  I had a lot of time during the day in each city before performing at night so I started going to the gym.  
Dance must be in your blood! What was your transition like from being a Broadway dancer to a celebrity trainer?  
Being on Broadway is so much fun!  It is absolutely thrilling to perform in front of a live audience every night.  When I started my own business I knew that I would have to sacrifice auditions and shows to focus on building my company.  It wasn’t easy at first, not going to auditions for new shows, but as my business picked up I realized I had found something new that I loved.  That made the transition a lot easier!  I also still perform here and there. I finished an opera at the Met in January of this year.  I still put on my dancing shoes once in a while! 
So many people find it difficult to even get to a workout session. What is your number one method for motivating your clients before and during a workout?
I remind them that it is hard to find time, but that they are here now!  They made it and found this 45 minutes or this hour to workout so make the most of it!  Don’t cheat, don’t stop, don’t quit! 
What is your personal source of motivation during a workout?  
My clients motivate me so much!  When I walk into a class and I can tell everyone is excited to workout I get very pumped!  The music will come on and I am ready to go!
What are some of your favorite pre/post workout foods to help support a healthy body from within?  
It’s hard for me to eat right before I workout.  I like to eat a couple hours before actually.  After I workout I love sushi, a salad, a smoothie, a Dr. Preaggers Veggie burger. I also love keeping a Kalumi bar in my bag for a pre or post snack. The 15grams of protein Sustains me through my workouts or helps fuel my body after!
You not only teach an amazing class, your outfits also look sooo cute while doing it! What are some of your favorite brands/pieces at the moment?
Thank you!  I am very lucky to work at Bandier and have constant outfit inspiration from everything in their store.  I love Beyond Yoga, Michi, Ultracor, Alala, and We Over Me.  
What are your feel good hobbies outside of work? 
My favorite thing to do is to take ballet class or go to the theater and see new shows!
What is some advice you have for those who want to stay fit while travelling/on the go?
 It’s so easy. I have one tip.  Bring the AK! Jump Rope! 
Lastly, why is working out so important? And why is it important to go about it from a place of love? 
Well, anything you do with love you do it better.  Working out makes me happy.  My goal is to have people leave my classes with a smile on their face, proud of what they have done that day or happy because they didn’t know that working out could be that fun!


Thank you Amanda! Sometimes, all it takes is a little reminder that working out should be an all around fun experience. You can follow Amanda's amazing fitness inspiration @amandakloots and even take one of her classes @theropenyc if you find yourself in NYC.  

Be sure to stock up on your favorite Kalumi BEAUTYfood flavors for the best pre/post workout snack! 

Xo, Kalumi 


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