Thanksgiving: Kalumi Edition


The holidays are a time to get together, enjoy the company of family and friends, and experience gratitude for everything our lives have to offer. Along with all those wonderful things, comes lots of yummy, hearty, and heavy dishes that don’t always agree with our tummies and skin! Who says Thanksgiving has to mean unbuttoned jeans at the dinner table? It doesn’t! We want to share our favorite Thanksgiving BEAUTYfood  ‘indulgences’ with snacks, appetizers, and treats, all to be shared at your holiday gathering.

Hint: They’ll leave guests happy and satisfied, with buttoned up jeans and glowing skin!


Sweetie Pie Trail Mix
Snack while cooking! This sweet and lightly salty mix of rice crackers, coconut shreds, toasted edamame and Sweetie Pie bits is the perfect reach and grab snack while you’re prepping all the other yummy goodies. Plus, a little healthy snacking will ensure you don’t starve yourself all day while preparing for others and then overstuff yourself during the meal.


 kalumihealthythanksgivinglemonLemon Love Platter

While guests are arriving, send around a gorgeous platter full of healthy bites. Ditch the cheese and swap Lemon Love instead! Green apples, gluten-free crackers, and cut up Lemon Love BEAUTYfood bits are the perfect refreshing snacks to munch on before the main course!



Sweet ‘Indulgences’

A few BEAUTYfood treats make the perfect end to a satisfying meal- and these ones will leave you feeling great and Glowing!

 kalumihealthythanksgivingcocoaCocoa Dough

Swap chocolate chips with chunks of Cocoa Kiss bits, and pair with your favorite vegan cookie dough or make your own! (

NOTE: You can also bake the dough and enjoy warm, soft, and sweet Coco Kiss cookies! 


kalumihealthythanksgivingcollagenicecreamBEAUTYfood ‘Nice Cream’

Scoop up some scrumptious Kalumi BEAUTYfood nice cream by using bits of Sweetie Pie and Cocoa Kiss as toppers for your favorite vegan ‘nice cream.’ It makes for the perfect sweet and decadent combo!



Hot Cocoa Kiss

The sweetest ‘nightcap’ to serve to your guests. Cozy up next to the fire and dip a “biscuit” Cocoa Kiss in your favorite hot cocoa with a dash of cinnamon while you sip and reflect on the gratitude you have for the people around you.


Kalumi wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving babes! Use code: thankful for 10% off your Kalumi BEAUTYfood to use this Thanksgiving! Wishing you the happiest, loveliest, and yummiest holidays!

Xo, Kalumi

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