Glowing skin all winter long

Before even stepping outside, our skin knows when the cold weather hits! All of a sudden, our lips are begging for balm every five minutes, a stroke through our hair feels dry and brittle, and our skin appears as if no amount of moisture could compromise its flakiness! Wouldn’t it be nice to maintain that radiant and supple glow year round?

Even if your skincare regime is consistent, Winter definitely calls for a ‘beauty bag up-level.’ We’re talking heavy duty face moisturizers, oils, lip balms, hair masks, and the nutrients we put into our bodies (the most important part!)

This Winter, Kalumi wants to share everything we include in our beauty bags to keep our hair and skin feeling fresh, supple, and glowing through the toughest of Winters!

One time Matcha sets

One time Matcha sets are def another must-have in our beauty bags! Drinking coffee can suck the moisture out of the skin, so drinking matcha, especially during the cold time of the year, is an amazing alternative for a caffeine boost! Keeping a one time matcha set in your beauty bag is the perfect solution because all you’ll need is a little hot water when you’re out and about!

Heavy Duty Moisturizer

To supplement the glow we receive from Kalumi BEAUTYfood, we love a heavy duty moisturizer! Remember to read labels, but an organic and all natural moisturizer that uses shea butter, jojoba oil, coconut oil, or witch hazel are amazing and clean ingredients for brilliant and supple skin.


photo credit: RMS beauty 

Organic, chemical free Beauty Products

Be wary of the makeup and beauty products you are using. A lot of them contain un-natural and toxic ingredients that can dry skin out and cause pre-mature aging...eek! Try switching to natural and organic products, making sure that you can pronounce the ingredients. 

We are seriously LOVING RMS Beauty products right now! Their coconut cream hair mask, “uncover up” concealer made from raw coconut oil, and beauty oil are all keeping our skin looking dewy and our hair brilliant and damage-free! The most perfect products for stashing in our Winter beauty bag!


A few other must-haves…

Heavy duty hand moisturizer: For soft and irresistible hands that your hubby will want to hold tight!

Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm in Rose: For rosy lips when the cold sucks away their natural pink pigment!

Raw organic shea butter for the body: To feel silky and smooth all Winter long!


Rose water face spray: For a burst of moisture on the go!



The most important part… Nutrients!


As we know, what we eat directly impacts how we look! That’s why Kalumi BEAUTYfood is ideal for maintaining skin’s moisture, even when we think the cold weather will zap the glow right out of us! Our most favorite ingredient, Marine Collagen does wonders for the skins supple glow. Consuming Marine collagen naturally promotes collagen synthesis in the body. This replenishes our levels of collagen and contributes to radiant and glowing skin! Cocoa Kiss, Sweetie Pie, and Lemon Love all contain a full 12g serving of Marine Collagen. Toss Kalumi BEAUTYfood in your ‘up-levelled’ beauty bag to keep you nourished and glowing on the go!

Say goodbye to damaged hair and brittle skin because these Winter beauty bag basics keep us going through the coldest of cold! Plus, a few wellness goodies will always help brighten up the greyest of days :)

Xo, Kalumi